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Penis Filler: What Does It Help With?

One of the most popular and least talked about uses for injectables nationwide is for penis girth enhancement. You read that right! Big-dick energy is now available through your med spa.

In modern culture, large penises often suggest virility and manliness. While most people with penises don’t stand around comparing sizes, the ones we see in popular culture are larger than average.

When you talk about increasing the size of your penis, you’re usually thinking about it in one of two ways. You’re either trying to increase the length, which requires an implant or surgery, or girth. Surgery may be out of reach, but a quick in-office procedure is usually more affordable.

For a quick and reversible way to increase the girth of your member, dermatologists, and medical estheticians turned to a commonly used injectable, hyaluronic acid. FDA-approved for use around the body, this off-label application affords you a fast and long-lasting boost to girthiness.

Let’s go below the belt to see what all the buzz is about!

What is penis filler?

Even though most people haven’t heard of it, penis filler procedures are popular. The average penis is 5.16 inches in length and 4.49 inches in girth, despite what you hear in the locker room. People unhappy with their size now have a non-surgical option that can boost confidence and performance in the bedroom.

What does the process look like?

Working with a medical professional at either a doctor’s office or a medical spa, providers first consult with the patient. During this step in the process, the discussion centers around their goals for the treatment. Treatment for each person is highly individual and usually requires several sessions to achieve their goals.

If you’re seeking this treatment, your doctor will use prepared syringes to inject the filler into your penis. The procedure is painless due to the use of three types of local anesthetic injected around the organ. You should expect some discomfort before you lose sensation. The numbing medication usually lasts for around an hour.

During the initial treatment, there may be as many as 20 units injected into the shaft and head of the penis. Your provider’s goal is to provide a smooth, even expansion without any lumpiness from the treatment.

Once the procedure is over, you’re cleared to return to your regular activities immediately. You should refrain from any sexual activity for up to two weeks to prevent the product from migrating.

With any natural filler, your body metabolizes the material, and you’ll need a touch-up every few years.

Are there different types of fillers?

The FDA hasn’t approved any fillers for use in the penis at this time. However, many fillers have off-label indications for penis enhancement. The most common is a product like Juvéderm Voluma or Volux. Typically, these hyaluronic acid-based products are used for lip and cheek enhancements. Doctors have found that they’re also safe for the penis.

Aside from HA fillers, some doctors use Bellafill for penile injections. Composed of tiny acrylic beads suspended in bovine collagen, it’s a semi-permanent solution that lasts up to five years. 

Opinions are mixed on whether it’s responsible to use a product like this in the penis. Unlike HA fillers, which can be melted away with an enzyme injection, Bellafill can’t be removed. If the treatment isn’t what you wanted, you’re stuck with it!

What are the benefits of penis filler?

Penis enhancement is a safe way to achieve your aesthetic goals. More than that, it’s also been shown to increase sexual satisfaction and even help treat some types of sexual dysfunction.

Enhanced girth is a common reason to get penis filler

Most people who have penis enhancement procedures done with injectables are after more girth. As we mentioned, the girth of an average penis is around 4.49 inches. After the initial session, most people see an average increase of just under an inch. Length isn’t affected by penis filler, but studies show that girth is a bigger factor in overall pleasure.

Penis filler can help with symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Penis filler isn’t a treatment for erectile dysfunction, but it can help with the symptoms. Additional volume can improve how long a penis stays erect and strengthen its firmness. 

Penis filler appointments are pretty quick

People refer to penis fillers as a lunchtime appointment. Providers can usually complete the process in 30 to 60 minutes. You can return to your day directly following your appointment!

Improved symmetry is a noticeable benefit many see

If you’re dealing with an asymmetrical or lumpy penis shape, dermal fillers can help. Most patients report having a more symmetrical and pleasing shape, both flaccid and erect. It can improve unusual curvature and help provide a more aesthetically pleasing organ.

You could potentially increase sexual gratification

Girth is more important for most than length when it comes to sexual gratification. For heterosexual partners, nerves in the vaginal opening are sensitive to an increase in pressure. More girth also stimulates the clitoris and increases sexual satisfaction for a female partner.

In men, penis fillers reduce hypersensitivity associated with premature ejaculation. Coupled with PRP injections, men enjoy longer and stronger erections.

The aftercare process of penis filler

One of the most significant benefits of penis filler is that there’s very little aftercare necessary. You’re in and out of the office for treatment in under an hour! Within a week, you’re likely back to your regular activities.

Limit your physical activity 

Immediately following a penis filler procedure, you can return to your normal activities, with some caveats. Avoid strenuous activities like going to the gym, running, or sexual activity, as it can cause some shifting of the material. Some doctors recommend massaging the area to keep results smooth and even. 

After the first week or so, you can likely return to your normal activities if you haven’t experienced any complications, which are rarely serious. These can include things like bruising and swelling, but some simple remedies exist. 

If recommended, apply ice to the area

Icing your groin can help reduce any swelling or bruising caused by the procedure. Don’t put an ice pack directly on your skin or for too long, as it can damage your skin. 

Consult with your medical doctor

Consult your medical doctor if you experience any complications besides bruising and minor swelling. Dermal filler injected into blood vessels can lead to severe complications that need immediate treatment. While rare, infection at the injection site isn’t unheard of, and if you experience redness or discomfort there, check with your doctor.

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