How Long Does Kybella Last?

How Long Does Kybella Last?

Melt away your double chin with the innovative science behind the revolutionary injectable known as the Kybella treatment. Harnessing tools that the body has already given us, Kybella works to break down stubborn fat cells lurking beneath your chin by depositing the active ingredient deoxycholic acid underneath your chin. With just a few treatments and a little of your time, your double chin will be gone! But the question is: for how long?

So, how long do Kybella injections last?

When it comes to injections, it always feels like the results you reap following your appointment only last a matter of months before needing to be redone or touched up. Is Kybella the same? Well, we’re excited to tell you that Kybella is not the same! What makes the treatment so effective is its ability to break down submental fat cells, producing skin tightening results. Thankfully, once past the age of 25, most individuals cannot regenerate or create new fat cells to store fat within the body. 

So, what does that mean for you? Simply put, it means that once Kybella breaks down and destroys a number of fat cells within the treatment area, they won’t come back! These results will last you a lifetime!

When do you see results from Kybella?

Okay – a lifetime sounds promising, but you may be wondering how long it takes to actually see results. Is this a one and done situation, or will months go into reshaping your jawline? The answer honestly depends on the amount of fat cells that need to be burned. Generally, most patients can see their desired outcome within 4 to 6 weeks following the last treatment. 

Are there ways to get visible results faster?

Although the treatment begins working immediately following your first injection, the truth is that it takes time for your body to not only burn and break down fat cells, but it also takes time for those cells to be flushed away. In order to make sure you obtain results as quickly as possible, we recommend boosting your metabolism with a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, and supporting your lymphatic system. 

How many treatments do you need?

When it comes to the number of appointments needed, this will also vary depending on your condition at the time of treatment. On average, most clients can expect around 6 treatments for best results.

Who can receive Kybella?

Kybella has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used in adults 18 years of age or older. Most healthy patients without any major underlying health concerns who have stubborn fat residing around the area below their chin are prime candidates for the procedure. 

Contraindications from receiving Kybella

WIth any procedure, it is critical to arrange an initial consultation outlining your medical history or major health conditions you may have. Discussing this openly with your provider will help weed out the possibility of any contraindications from receiving Kybella. The most common areas of concern are those with previous facial surgeries as well as those who are nursing, pregnant, or looking to become pregnant. 

How to prepare for your Kybella appointment

Since the process is relatively non-invasive, there is not much needed in terms of proper preparation. The best thing to do in the days leading up to your appointment is avoid any product, medication, or substance that could thin your blood. Blood thinners can result in the skin bruising easily, leaving dark marks near the injection site. The day of your appointment, ensure the face and neck have been thoroughly cleansed and avoid applying makeup. Less on the skin is going to be best in the long run.  

How long does swelling occur after a Kybella injection?

Although the Kybella treatment consists of just an injection, swelling is a common side effect as the body works to break down fat cells. The recovery time can last up to a week as your body works to flush out as much as it can.

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