About The Wellness Club

The Wellness Club offers a different approach than the traditional med spa with a focus on integrating anti-aging therapies such as BHRT, peptide therapy, and traditional aesthetic treatments to provide health optimization that results in slowing the natural process of aging so you not only look, but feel your best.  

Entire team is highly educated doctors  and nurses  who are dedicated to cutting edge technology that actually works. When it comes to the aging process– we are playing the “long game

Meet The Team

Dr. Emily Devol

Founder / Medical Doctor

Dr. Emily Devol


Biggest accomplishment: Being Tampa’s TopDoc 3 years in a row

Favorite skincare product: Skinbetter Alpharet Clear

Dream vacation: Japanese Alps

Favorite color: I don’t like color- give me black.

Favorite treatment at TWC: PRP maintenance facial injections 

Guilty pleasure: Dark Chocolate 

From: Logan. OH

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Athanee Ferrer


Athanee Ferrer

Patient Care Coordinator

Biggest accomplishment: Being a mom to my 3 year old prince!

Favorite skincare product: I love a good tinted spf for my no makeup days

Dream vacation: Japan

Favorite color: red

Favorite treatment at TWC: Injectables 

Guilty pleasure: Donuts and shopping

From: Puerto Rico and raised in Miami

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Sarah Molina

Master Aesthetician

Sarah Molina

Master Aesthetician

Biggest accomplishment: My biggest accomplishment is becoming an Aesthetician and all of the knowledge that I have gained!

Favorite skincare product: My favorite skincare product is Alto Advanced from Skin Better Science!

Dream vacation: My dream vacation is to explore more parts of Italy!

Favorite color: Nude

Favorite treatment at TWC: SkinPen microneedling! 

Guilty pleasure: Any dessert!

From: New Jersey

Zodiac sign: Leo

Sarah Tucker​


Sarah Tucker


Biggest accomplishment: Being a guest on a radio show representing a non-profit organization

Favorite skincare product: SkinBetter Alto Advanced and Tone Smart SPF

Dream vacation: Cape Town, South Africa

Favorite color: Lilac

Favorite treatment at TWC: Skinwave 

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream before bed

From: Grew up in a military home so a little bit of everywhere!

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Alejandra Marrero

Medical Assistant

Alejandra Marrero

Medical Assistant

Biggest accomplishment: Raising amazing sons

Favorite skincare product: A good vitamin C and sunscreen!

Dream vacation: Europe

Favorite color: Olive green

Favorite treatment at TWC: Skinwave treatment

Guilty pleasure: Reality TV 

From: Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

Zodiac sign: Aries

Anaily Gallo

Nurse Practitioner

Anaily Gallo

Nurse Practitioner

Biggest accomplishment: Acquiring my FNP as a single mother of 2 wonderful children.

Favorite skincare product: Revision Skincare

Dream vacation: Bora Bora

Favorite color: Teal

Favorite treatment at TWC: TBD but rewarding outcome with Neuromodulator Injectables

Guilty pleasure: Sleep in

From: Born in Cuba, raised in the Tampa Bay Area.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Monekka Thomas


Monekka Thomas


Biggest accomplishment: Graduating with my MSN and passing my FNP boards

Favorite skincare product: Revisions D-E-J Daily Boosting Serum

Dream vacation: Ghana, Africa

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite treatment at TWC: Injectables

Guilty pleasure: Spending the weekend binge-watching my favorite shows

From: Gainesville, FL

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Dakota Ty Holt

Nurse Practitioner

Dakota Ty Holt

Nurse Practitioner

Biggest accomplishment: Training in Switzerland with Julie Horne, traveling to Ashland Oregon as a guest trainer for Julie Kaplans Head And Breakfast, and headlining at the largest Aesthetic conference in the US Aesthetic Next 4.0

Favorite skincare product: SkinBetter SPF

Dream vacation: Being in a mountain resort med spa injecting every guest.

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite treatment at TWC: Laser! Laser! Laser!

Guilty pleasure: Watching hours of injecting comparing my tech to theirs

From: Originally from Oklahoma, I’ve lived in Florida for 18 years.

Zodiac sign: Leo


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