PCDC Lipolysis Injections

PCDC Lipolysis Injections: A Natural, Fat-Dissolving Treatment

If you’re frustrated by trying to target stubborn fat deposits with diet and exercise, cosmetic surgery used to be your only option. But with prolonged recovery periods and the potential for scarring, it’s certainly not for everyone. 

Doctors and medical estheticians use PCDC lipolysis injections instead of plastic surgery to achieve similar and long-lasting results. This injectable formula breaks down fat at the cellular level, requires no recovery period, and can help restore your self-confidence.

Achieving your aesthetic goals doesn’t have to involve going under the knife or thousands of tricep dips! We’re getting up close and personal with PCDC lipolysis today. Read on to see if this innovative treatment might be perfect for you.

What is PCDC Lipolysis?

Phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate (PCDC) injections are commonly used to remove fat from the chin, abs, thighs, hips, and back. The active ingredients naturally occur in the body, but combined, they’re powerful fat-killing machines! 

These primary injection areas are difficult to target with regular exercise and usually require liposuction or plastic surgery to address. PCDC lipolysis injections allow your doctor to remove small, stubborn pockets of fat within a few sessions. 

How do PCDC Lipolysis injections work?

When your provider injects the PCDC formula, the chemicals dissolve the cell membranes and fat in fatty tissue. Once they’ve been broken down, the fat cells pass out of the body through natural processes. Because of the skin’s elasticity, it naturally retracts as the fat cells dissolve!

The benefits of PCDC Lipolysis

PCDC lipolysis is one of the most effective ways to remove small fat pockets around the body. It can reduce the signs of aging and promote a smoother silhouette. One of the primary benefits of this procedure is that it’s minimally invasive and highly successful. After just a few sessions, you can kiss your double chin and back fat goodbye!

Who can receive PCDC Lipolysis?

This procedure is generally considered safe for most people in good physical health.

Pregnant or breastfeeding people shouldn’t seek this treatment. Additionally, some medications and medical conditions can lead to complications. Consult with your provider to make sure that PCDC lipolysis is right for you.

About the process of PCDC Lipolysis

The process of having PCDC lipolysis is similar to that of other cosmetic injectables. It’s a relatively quick and painless process that yields incredible results!

Is there any downtime for PCDC Lipolysis?

For most people, there’s little to no downtime after their procedure. It’s considered non-invasive, and you can return to your regular activities right away. However, it’s common to have soreness in the treatment area for a few hours.

What should you expect from the appointment?

You’ll have a consultation with your provider to assess the target areas beforehand. During your session, you’ll have a local anesthetic injected to numb the skin before the procedure. 

Most providers use a grid overlay to ensure an even formula distribution. It takes between 30 and 60 minutes, on average, for the whole session.

How long does it take to see results from treatment?

You’ll see the results of your first session within a few weeks after your treatment. Depending on how much fatty tissue you’re addressing, it could take several sessions for optimal results. During your consultation, your provider will lay out a treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Other frequently asked questions about PCDC Lipolysis

Because this isn’t a widely known treatment, you probably still have questions about PCDC lipolysis. We’ve got some answers here for you!

Do PCDC Lipolysis injections hurt?

Most patients experience mild discomfort during the procedure, mainly during the anesthetic injections. You may have some tenderness and swelling after your session, but you won’t feel pain during your appointment.

Are there any side effects you should know about?

The most common side effects from PCDC lipolysis injections are mild and don’t require extra care from your doctor. You may feel sore or experience swelling and redness at the injection site. 

Additionally, as the fat cells respond to the formula, you may feel some hardness under the skin. Typically, this resolves on its own within a few days to weeks. If you’re concerned about hardness, reach out to your provider with questions.

The Wellness Club offers PCDC and consultations to make sure you’re eligible!

If you’re ready to target hard-to-bust fat pads without plastic surgery, you’ve come to the right place! The Wellness Club is the perfect spot for you to explore PCDC as an option to help you achieve your goals. Our experts can provide information during your consultation to smooth out any concerns about the procedure. 

At our med spa, we want you to feel comfortable asking any questions about this innovative procedure, so ask away!

Book your consultation today to see if you’re eligible!

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