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Liquid BBL Injections: Results Without The Downtime!

Brazilian butt lifts are famous for giving influencers the most luscious backsides. All over Instagram and Tik Tok, you see them flaunting it! 

Your options are hours on the stair climber or doing heavy squats in the gym to achieve the same look. There has to be an easier way!

For a perfectly round and perky booty, skip the cosmetic surgery because liquid BBL injections are here! This butt enhancement treatment is fast and effective, with zero downtime and instant results. Additionally, it’s a much safer alternative to traditional BBLs!

We’re getting down with injectables today and discussing everything you need to know about liquid BBLs. 

Let’s get started!

What is a liquid BBL?

Liquid BBLs are a buttock enhancement protocol that involves injecting dermal fillers to plump and sculpt your booty. A non-surgical approach to body sculpting, injectables are safe and effective with no downtime. The average cost of a liquid BBL is $5,000 – $10,000.

Typical booties fall into a few categories. Flat v-shaped butts don’t have much volume and look like an upside-down triangle. Square bottoms are flat and boxy, difficult to fit, and not particularly flattering. 

Goals for most people getting BBLs include a heart-shaped butt and a round bottom. The heart shape usually comes with an hourglass figure and is slim on top and shapely down low. The bubble butt is round and full, riding higher on the hips. These two shapes are the most desirable when deciding on your look.

What makes a liquid BBL different from a traditional BBL?

Plastic surgeons perform traditional BBLs in an outpatient clinic. They’re effective and long-lasting but expensive, and you’ll miss out on daily activities while recovering. You’ll have to take off at least two weeks to recover fully. During that time, things like sitting, sleeping, and driving are painful. You have to wait a full 8 weeks before sitting after a surgical BBL!

Surgical BBLs involve removing fat from one part of the body through liposuction and injecting it into the buttocks. Plastic surgeons also counsel thinner patients to gain weight before the procedure. It’s necessary since they don’t have enough body fat to transfer. Some women are too thin or not food candidates for surgical BBL.

Losing that excess weight afterward is difficult, especially because of the recovery period.

Liquid BBLs provide instant results that just keep getting better over time! Med spas certified to deliver injectables can do them, and with no recovery period, you could almost do one on your lunch hour. 

How does a liquid BBL injection work?

Liquid BBL injections work in a similar manner to other fillers. Providers fill uneven areas using hyaluronic acid (HA), poly-L lactic acid, and Calcium Hydroxyapatite (aka Radiesse/CaHA) formulas. Once the serum’s placed correctly, they massage the area to ensure it’s distributed.

When will the results show?

Results are visible right away, but the best is yet to come.  Because you’re getting fluid injected into your body, the results show right away. But, over time, the molecules in the serum plump up and absorb water. Additionally, the reason for the long lasting effects are because the products are biostimulators. They induce the body’s natural collagen producing mechanism, resulting in a better texture as well as enhanced volume.

You’ll see the full effect around four weeks after your nonsurgical BBL!

The benefits of a liquid BBL injection

Body contouring procedures are a big investment and time commitment. You’ll retain the effects for several years, so you want to love them! Beyond a gorgeous derriere, there are other benefits of getting butt injections.  

The procedure does not need anesthesia 

Because this isn’t a surgical procedure, you won’t be under anesthesia at all! Some practitioners use numbing creams and gels so that you won’t feel discomfort during the lift procedure.

Liquid BBL leaves no scarring behind

Unlike butt implant procedures, an injectable butt lift leaves behind no scarring. Most technicians use thin needles to inject the serum, so even the needle marks are invisible.

There is no downtime in the recovery process

Nonsurgical butt lifts aren’t invasive and don’t require blocking off your calendar. The recovery process for this cosmetic procedure is easy!

Some side effects may occur, but they’re usually mild. You may experience some swelling and bruising lasting a couple of days. 

Results are a lot more controlled

Using FDA-approved serums, buttock injections are a precise and safe way to get the booty of your dreams. Your esthetician will work with you to achieve whatever shape you want.

The Wellness Club is here to accommodate your BBL preferences!

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