Radiofrequency Microneedling

Radiofrequency Microneedling: Procedure, Benefits, and More!

Treating fine lines and acne scars through radiofrequency microneedling is a highly effective approach.

While it’s excellent at reducing the signs of early aging, it’s not for everyone. 

Because it’s an advanced technique, it’s only available through cosmetic surgeons and med spas. Today, we’re looking at this therapy to see if it’s right for you. 

Get ready to kiss those acne scars goodbye!

What is radiofrequency microneedling?

The science behind radiofrequency microneedling is rooted in promoting healing. 

In traditional microneedling, a small needle pad creates microwounds, or channels, in the skin. After a procedure, capillaries, elastin, and collagen production increase, and thicker, smoother skin grows back. While it’s scary to consider wounding yourself to promote new growth, it’s a proven treatment. 

Dr. Desmond Fernandes incorporated radio frequencies into this therapy in 1995 to further stimulate new growth. Since then, it’s helped people with severe acne scarring recover their complexions. 

What are the benefits of radiofrequency microneedling?

People dealing with early aging, enlarged pores, scarring, and sun damage see enhanced results using this technique. After just one session, you’ll experience smoother, healthier skin. When compared to similar approaches, the effects last significantly longer. 

After healing, you’ll experience reduced skin laxity, and your face will lift and tighten. 

In addition, if excess sweating is an issue you face, it’s been shown to be nearly 100% effective!

Incorporating platelet-rich plasma further enhances the benefits of this therapy. Your provider will draw blood from your arm and remove platelets and plasma. Then, after needling, they’ll apply that serum to your skin. 

Who can receive this treatment?

Radiofrequency microneedling is generally considered safe for all skin types. However, if you’re experiencing an active acne breakout or cold sores, it’s a bit different. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics or antiviral drugs before your treatment. 

Some skin conditions don’t respond well to the treatment. These include psoriasis, active cold sores, or a history of trouble with wound healing. Additionally, if you’re pregnant or have a history of keloids, you’ll need to avoid it. 

How many sessions will you need to see results from radiofrequency microneedling?

While you may see results from just one session, most people benefit from a series of treatments. Generally, three to six are necessary for optimal outcomes. 

Full results won’t be seen right away. After your initial therapy, it could take three to six months to see the final picture.

What to expect from a radiofrequency microneedling appointment

Are you heading in for your first session in the near future? This is what you should expect from your RF microneedling treatment.

How to prepare for radiofrequency microneedling

Before your appointment, you’ll have a meeting with your provider. They’ll ask you about your medical history and assess your skin. Those with active acne breakouts will most likely be asked to take antibiotics. Because the bacteria in infected pores may spread, it’s the best way to protect your skin. 

After the initial meeting, you’ll have a numbing cream or local anesthetic injections. Even though it’s a safe procedure, it causes slight discomfort, and your provider wants to reduce that as much as possible.

During your treatment

You’ll have the treatment area cleansed to prevent infection before the therapy begins. Then, the doctor will use the microneedling device to create tiny wounds in your skin to promote healing. The radio frequencies are released through the tip, stimulating collagen production.

Depending on how large the treatment area is, you should expect it to last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

Radiofrequency microneedling aftercare tips

Following your session, you can return to normal activities as soon as you leave. You may apply ice packs to your face if you’ve got swelling or redness. Beyond that, there’s no recovery time from this procedure.

Protecting your skin while it heals is the most critical step in recovery. Use sun protection in the form of sunscreen or hats when outdoors. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotic ointments to prevent infection. 

Wash your face using gentle cleansers and avoid makeup for twenty-four hours after the procedure. Afterward, return to your regular skincare routine using gentle, scent-free products.

Frequently asked questions about radiofrequency microneedling

It’s common to have questions before embarking on a new skin rejuvenation journey. Here, we’ve gathered the most frequently asked for you!

What skin conditions does it help treat?

RF microneedling treats a variety of skin concerns consistently. Acne scars and fine lines are the most common complaints people have before treatment. It will also help reduce the appearance of cellulite and loose, sagging skin. 

Those who have hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating may have a permanent solution. After treatment, the number of sweat glands is significantly reduced, negating the need for other treatment options. 

Are there any side effects you should know about?

While most people deal with the procedure without any side effects, there are a few to watch out for. Due to the reduction in sweat glands, your skin may experience dryness. Additionally, you may have redness or itching in the area as it heals. 

In some cases, scaling and redness appear shortly after the session. Check-in with your provider if you have any symptoms of infection, including acne breakouts.

How much does radiofrequency microneedling cost?

As with most elective cosmetic procedures, your insurance won’t cover any of the cost. Paying out of pocket, expect to pay between $300 to $700 per session. Since you’ll likely need up to four sessions, plan to pay between $1200 to $2800 for a complete treatment protocol.

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