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Lip Flip vs Lip Filler: What Are The Differences?

Natural lips come in a number of shapes and sizes. While the look of lips may vary between person to person, there are a few lip enhancement options within the beauty industry that offer the chance to modify or simply enhance the overall look and size of the lips.

Today, we’re talking about two popular procedures: the lip flip and lip fillers. We’ll go over what each entails, what the benefits are, and how each serves its own special purpose.

What are the major differences between lip fillers and lip flips?

While most of us may be familiar with the concept of fillers – which took the beauty world by storm a few years ago – some may not be aware of the art of a lip flip. While both processes share the intention of improving the look and size of the lips, the way each session is carried out are actually pretty different.

The procedures are very different

Outside of sharing the use of a needle to execute each lip treatment, the processes are distinctly different. A lip flip employs the use of BOTOX® (or other neuromodulators) to modify the look of your lips, whereas a full lip filler session uses hyaluronic acid to achieve lip goals.

Lip filler results are not the same as lip flips

Not only is the methodology different for each cosmetic treatment, the intended results are also far from the same. The widely popular process of lip fillers is known around the world as a treatment that perfectly enlarges both the top and bottom parts of your lips to either even them out, or enhance their overall size, color, and increase volume. On the other hand, a lip flip simply uses BOTOX® to flip the lip upwards – hence the name! While a lip flip may visually modify the size of your lips, the objective is not to fill the section of skin.

The benefits of a lip flip

A BOTOX® lip flip offers benefits that are simple, and can dramatically alter the appearance of your lips. 

Lip flips are quick procedures

The simplicity of the lip flip procedure makes it the perfect on-the-go treatment for those with busy schedules. Not only can you be in and out in a short time, there is little to no recovery time associated with lip flips. 

The shape of your lips are enhanced

In the event that you’ve never had work done on your lips, you may be more inclined to start with something less drastic. Lip flips offer that subtle, yet enhanced look that ever so slightly elevates your lips natural shape. 

The benefits of lip filler

In the end, there’s a reason that dermal fillers are so widely known amongst the public. Lip fillers offer a range of benefits that outlast and are more noticeable than the lip flip. Below we have outlined our top three most recognizable benefits that come with the process of lip fillers.

Results are long-lasting and immediate

While lip flips have practically no recovery time, the longevity of the procedure pales when compared to the results you get from fillers. Lip fillers provide immediately plump lips while also boasting a notable full year of results.

Lip filler treatments are customizable

In addition to the longevity of the results, many enjoy lip fillers due to the ability to customize your new look. While a lip flip enhances your lip shape, the ability to adapt the treatment is very limited. With fillers your provider can strategically place each injection to create their own piece of art with both your upper and lower lips.

Different lip fillers exist to achieve different goals. This variety in treatment and fillers ensure you’ll achieve your desired look!

There is little chance of allergic reactions occuring with lip fillers

The main ingredient in most lip fillers is hyaluronic acid. This molecule is found naturally in our bodies; you can find it in our eyes and joints. Thanks to this, the likelihood of encountering an allergic reaction or any negative side effect is little to none!

Which one should you get?

Deciding between which option is best for you will come down to a few very different variables. Before making your choice, consider these two factors: 

What look are you trying to achieve?

What are you looking for the most? Bold, fuller lips, or a soft and sultry smile? If you want a significant change to your lips, fillers are going to be the more noticeable option. If you’re content with how your lips look, but want to bring it up to the next level, a lip flip may just be the perfect fit.

What’s your budget for beauty treatments?

As always, a large determining factor for whether or not someone should follow through with a beauty treatment is whether or not they will be able to afford it. In the short term, a lip flip is significantly less expensive up front when compared to fillers. While the out of pocket cost may not be substantial initially, the results of a lip flip only last up to 12 weeks. Fillers cost substantially more out of pocket, averaging around $600, but do not need to be redone for about a year.

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