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How Injectable Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Helps Your Overall Health

If you’ve found yourself on the mend from a sprain, tear, or bout of nerve inflammation, chances are you’re doing everything you can to get your body back to its usual level of operation. Not only can these injuries be painful, they can be debilitating – affecting how you go about even the simplest of tasks.

Thankfully, there’s a treatment known as PRP that can shorten the amount of time it takes for your body to recover. And that’s just one of its many benefits!

What are PRP injections?

PRP Injections, also known as platelet rich plasma injections, are a natural and groundbreaking  way to tackle and speed up the recovery process of an injury, and reduce the appearance of aging. This innovative approach allows your blood to do most of the heavy lifting, introducing nutrient-rich plasma into the site of an injury. With the addition of these platelets to an affected area, the healing process can be increased substantially.

How do PRP injections work?

During the PRP treatment process, the patient will begin the service by providing blood samples that are taken from the arm. These samples are collected in order to separate red blood cells, white blood cells, the blood plasma, and blood platelets by means of a machine known as the centrifuge. Once the blood has been appropriately separated, your provider will extract the platelet rich portion and prepare it for injection to your preferred area of treatment. 

What is the purpose of PRP injections?

You may be wondering how platelet rich blood can actually contribute to the body when injected. The simplest way to explain the benefit and purpose surrounding platelet injections is to think of it like adding fertilizer to potting soil. There’s already an abundance of nutrients spread throughout the body; however, the trick is to target and address specific areas with a high dose of blood plasma concentration to expedite the regenerative and healing process.

What are the benefits of injectable PRP?

Believe it or not, there’s more to platelet rich plasma injections than you might expect. Treatments can range from cosmetic procedures to legitimate healing processes. Below we’ve outlined some of the concerns where plasma therapy is commonly used.

Injectable PRP is good for hair restoration

Pattern baldness and other common forms of hair loss can result in a startling effect on someone’s perceived sense of self worth. Evidence shows that PRP therapy has resulted in a noticeable improvement in stimulating new hair growth without the need for a hair transplant. 

PRP injections are great anti-aging tools

Plasma injections are also frequently used to treat signs of aging. Common symptoms such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and even scarring can be reduced with effective treatment. Introducing these growth factors and significant plasma concentration can help rapidly rejuvenate the skin.

Joint injuries can be treated with injectable PRP

For those struggling with other side effects of injury or aging, think knee and elbow problems, relief can be found with plasma injections. Introducing PRP can flood the specific area with plasma and blood cells that have the necessary tools to mend sprains and torn ligaments. 

Preparing for PRP injections

Understanding how to prepare for your appointment is going to ensure the best possible results. Below we’ve outlined a few ways you can make sure you’re appropriately prepared for the PRP process. 

Do not take any blood thinning medication

Since this platelet rich plasma treatment relies on targeting specific areas, it is important to avoid taking medications that could thin your blood. Taking blood thinners could result in treatments passing through the bloodstream at a rapid pace, proving to be much less effective than originally intended. 

Eat before your appointment

Be sure to eat prior to your appointment. For best results, try eating a clean meal with healthy proteins and a serving of unprocessed vegetables. Think of it like you’re about to go donate blood!

Take a break from vitamins 

Taking an abundance of vitamins can impact the quality of your treatment results. For the week leading up to your appointment, avoid taking vitamins all together. If you have questions about the impact of vitamins and certain medications with treatment, reach out to your specialist for additional information.

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