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All About The Revolutionary CoolPeel Laser Treatment

The CoolPeel laser treatment changes the game when it comes to reducing skin blemishes. With almost no downtime, you can experience laser ablation results faster and safer than before.

As a treatment protocol, traditional laser treatments focus on resurfacing skin and reducing scarring. But the biggest drawback has always been the two-week healing process. You can’t go to work or maintain regular activities during that time.

Usually, the amount of energy the focused light delivers causes trauma to surrounding healthy skin. Even though the blemished area benefits, the collateral trauma takes time to heal.

The CoolPeel laser is calibrated to provide results in faster pulses than regular devices. Therefore, it’s able to deliver the benefits without the heat!

We’re getting up close and personal with CoolPeel laser treatment and answering all your questions! If acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage bring you down, we have the answer.

What is CoolPeel laser treatment?

CoolPeel is a fast and effective treatment protocol for addressing superficial skin concerns. Dermatologists and med spas can use this modality for in-office sessions with minimal downtime.

How does CoolPeel laser treatment work?

When Cartessa Aesthetics announced its new laser device in 2019, the benefits were clear. CoolPeel laser treatment with the SmartXtide Tetra CO2 made the fractional ablative protocol accessible.

Heat transfer is minimized by focusing the laser’s energy into very short bursts. This means that only the area you want treated is affected.

How is CoolPeel laser treatment different from other laser treatments?

Before it came on the market, clients frequently needed anesthesia to deal with the pain from laser treatment. With the CoolPeel approach, the thermal damage to surrounding tissue is virtually non-existent.

What are the benefits of CoolPeel laser treatment?

Aside from the obvious benefits of less painful treatment, CoolPeel laser sessions have other benefits. You’re going to love the quick recovery and tighter, healthier skin.

There is little to no downtime 

In contrast to a traditional laser facial, there’s almost no downtime from this approach. You’ll notice a difference during the procedure itself, too. The skin won’t heat up, and the intense pain you’ve experienced in other sessions won’t be as apparent. 

One of the main side effects of these features is that you’re not dealing with a two-week recovery process. Average recovery time for CoolPeel sessions is one to two days! You may experience some redness akin to a mild sunburn, but that’s it. 

Signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots are treated

Laser ablation works wonders on fine lines and wrinkles by promoting deep healing in the skin. You’ll have a marked reduction in signs of an aging face that steal some of your glow. Discoloration that comes from hyperpigmentation is also easily treated with this modality. 

After treatment, you’ll have more even, smooth, younger-looking skin with fewer signs of sun damage.

Improved skin texture

Any skin resurfacing therapy aims to improve the skin’s texture. CoolPeel laser sessions leave rough, disrupted skin looking better than ever. It triggers your natural healing processes to produce more collagen near the surface. Fully healed, your skin will look fresh and dewy, healthy and plump!

Pain is minimal with CoolPeel laser treatment

With Tetra’s new equipment, the shorter bursts of the device mean less discomfort throughout. You’ll still enjoy the benefits of this technology, just without the burn. Most practitioners will also apply a numbing cream to remove any minimal discomfort during the session.

What does aftercare look like for CoolPeel laser treatment?

When your practitioner finishes your treatment, very little aftercare is necessary. You’ll experience a warm, sunburn-like sensation for a few days post-session. Here are some other tips to keep your skin’s healing on track.

Make sure to keep the skin hydrated

While you’re going through the healing process, keep your skin hydrated. Products like Aquaphor are perfect for this application. Apply a thin layer to your face for the first four days, more or less depending on how you’re feeling. 

If you’ve received a serum from your medspa, use that for four to seven days. It’ll help your skin get the most benefit from the procedure.

Avoid sun exposure when possible

Because the treatment uses light to treat your skin, more sun doesn’t help recovery. For up to two weeks post-treatment, avoid direct sun exposure. This is a great time to break out that new hat or sunshade when you’re outside.

Do not do any excessive exercise for at least a day

Even though CoolPeel is much less impactful than traditional treatments, you’ll want to avoid sweating. Excess oil and moisture can slow recovery. The skin may feel tight, but this is normal. Sometimes, people find avoiding these activities for up to a week the most beneficial.

Consult with your specialist for any questions you may have

Your best resource with any new skin treatment is your practitioner. They’re the ones with the most first-hand knowledge and can let you know what to expect throughout. And if you have specific questions about your unique situation, they’ll be able to tailor the information to help.

The Wellness Club will make every effort to make your skin flawless!

The team at The Wellness Club is constantly learning about new and improved skin treatments. Our med spa checks out new approaches to skincare and only brings the most effective to our clients. CoolPeel laser treatment is one of our favorite new facial resurfacing tools!

Check out our website for all the ways we can help make your skin flawless and glowing. Book a consultation or session today!

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